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I would like to thank you for taking the time to read a little about our business, and the type of turquoise we mine and sell. This turquoise that we mine has been collected for many years by the Indigenous people, so out of respect and as a thank you, once our family is no longer mining out of this turquoise mine, we will not be planning on putting this mine on the market to be sold again, but we will be planning on gifting the land back to the natives.

I Clint Cross is a native from the Missisquoi band of the Abenaki Nation, I have been mining the Cripple Creek turquoise for 18 years by helping other turquoise miners mine and market their stone, before I purchased my own mine in 2017. Now my family, our friends/partners Grahm and Anna Slater and myself are mining the Cripple Creek North Star turquoise.

Turquoise is also the first stone to have value among the Indigenous people, to make jewelry and trade. Turquoise was also found to be used by the Egyptians in 5000 B.C. . Turquoise is know to be a healing stone,Luck stone, giving stone, the sky stone and the December stone. I believe in the Spirituality of the turquoise stone, and I believe that if the stone has been treated in any way than it will lose its effects, because in my opinion how can a stone give off any energy when it is coated with an epoxy, or have been altered in any way.

You may know this already but for those who may not know, about 3-5% of turquoise on the market is untreated, and the other 97-95% being sold on the market has been treated in some way. Most turquoise that is mined out is a softer stone, some as soft as chalk and must be stabilized to make it more hard, so it can be polished and set into jewelry. Turquoise that is not a good quality but is still hard enough to polish, may have a change in color after time of wear, because oils from your skin can seep into a stone that is porous, the color usually will change from a blue to a green. If turquoise is a good quality than it will keep its color and shine with no treatments, but there is very few good quality turquoise on the market. Stabilizing turquoise will also not only make a poor quality stone more stable but will also enhance the color, and make that color stay indefinitely. there are also a couple of treatments on the market that I have heard, you are unable to tell that it has been treated unless you have it sent into a lab to have a test done on it, these treatments are called Zachery and Eljen enhanced. Not all dealers are honest to their customers, there are some that will not mention any treatments unless asked, and there are dealers that call their stabilized, Zachery and Eljen turquoise natural. So if you are wanting to purchase turquoise ask your dealer if there has been any treatments to the turquoise, do not ask if it’s natural.

Also on the market there is a lot of fake turquoise. When shopping for turquoise you should buy directly from the miners or from a reputable dealer. If you are not careful when buying turquoise you could end up purchasing some reconstituted turquoise(crushed and dyed turquoise chalk, compressed together), or even Howilite(a white stone), dyed to look like turquoise.

The North Star Mine in Cripple Creek Colorado is almost 9,500 feet in elevation and had a few volcanic activities years ago. We think this probably helped with the hardness of the turquoise, and the heat might have helped mix the silica into the stone. What we do know is that the Cripple Creek turquoise is a good quality in hardness and needs no treatments. We have done a couple of scratch tests using a quartz crystal, the quartz crystal did not scratch the turquoise. On a Mohs hardness scale, a quartz is a 7, so I am going to say that this turquoise is a little harder than a quartz crystal, making it have a hardness at about 7.2 . Now I am not positive on the hardness turquoise should be to not need any stabilizing, I am going to guess that turquoise should be at least a 5 on a Mohs scale, or it could change color over time and fracture more easily.

On our Facebook page if you follow us we love to share stories and videos of our mining and jewelry making, and the dates and locations of the Gem and Jewelry Shows we will be attending. We also have a couple of group pages you may join if you would like.

www.facebook.com/groups/1483965771911841/ On this group we list up our jewelry, cabochons, rough turquoise and our wood products inlay with the turquoise. This is like a shopping site where we list our products with prices, photos and info of what we are selling. There is only myself posting on this group, so there is no drama on there at all. Our other Facebook group page is Titled Cripple Creek Turquoise, this group you are allowed to share anything Cripple Creek Turquoise related. Please feel free to joins our groups.

Thank you for reading all of this.


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